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Just a tree

After a little bit of mucking about, I’ve finally submitted my first application to the Apple App Store. (Hence the lack of posting for a few days…) I have to say, the process seems a littleĀ convoluted, but that’s most likely because of the need to grab a certificate to sign the code.

Now, in fairness to Apple, I did recently upgrade to XCode 4.0, which means that the instructions detailed in the iTunes Connect site weren’t aimed at me. It took me a little bit of mucking about to find some of the things that need to be found, and I’m pretty sure I’ve still not got the actual distribution build settings quite right. XCode 4.0 has some pretty cool features around build configuration that aren’t clear to me yet.

Anyway, now the long wait begins. They say their typical turn-around is about two weeks. All things considered, I’m expecting a fairly quick response and a rejection seeing as it’s my first submission. Let’s see how that pans out.