What’s coming up, or “Keeping myself honest”.


In the interests of providing some impetus for myself, I thought I’d detail a few ideas of the posts I want to write. Some of them I’ve been wanting to write for a while, others are new ideas that have come about from my recent journey to the “other side” (read: Apple).

Writing like this is quite new for me, and I know that I’ll be more focused if I put myself under a little bit of pressure by detailing what I’m thinking about. As I write them, I’ll try and update the list to link to the specific articles.

Windows Communication Foundation

  • Authentication architecture patterns and implementations.


  • Automatic runtime configuration of WCF endpoints.
  • Uploading files.
  • A deep dive into MVVM.


  • Working with XIB files and code.
  • Populating grids.
  • Custom drawing grid cells.
  • Playing music from the iPod library.
  • Memory management in iOS.
  • Building applications with XCode 4.0.

Graphic Design for Developers

  • Understanding the basic tenets of graphic design.
  • Understanding colour.
  • Laying out data entry forms.
  • Adding some pizazz to your forms.
  • Design inspiration.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. There are quite a few more. I’ve actually got some half-started posts lying about that will have to remain on hold until the NDA for XCode 4.0 is lifted. Hopefully this list will provide inspiration to get started.